Road to Tokyo

Paralympic Triathlete and World Champion surfer from Cornwall, UK.


I am a visually impaired triathlete from Cornwall, UK. In 2016 I won a Bronze Medal at the Rio Paralympic Games. My goal is to return to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and improve on my Bronze Medal. I'm currently training full time. In my spare time, I love to walk my whippets and surf. Read more>

Age: 29
Location: Cornwall, UK
Athlete Since: 2012

Friends & Supporters

My dream of returning to the Paralympic games for Tokyo 2020 would be totally impossible without my friends and supporters. The following people and companies are always doing something to help me towards my goal without expecting much in return. For that I am truely grateful!

Allan Reid
My Dad, Coach, Trainer, Motivator

Elle Twentyman
My Race Guide, selected by British Triathlon

Rosie Lindsay
My Training Guide, selected by British Triathlon

Darren Carter
Fiance, Sherpa and website stuff

Monique Clark
My early-rise swimming buddy and Taxi Driver!

Stitch & Grizzly
My dogs, Cuddle Buddies and Training Partners

Oliver Hughes
The BEST Physio around! Fixes me when I'm broken!

Provide me with FREE gym membership to all GLL facilities

The only swimming goggle brand I can recommend.

Provide me with the BEST running shoes and clothes

Provides me with outstanding coaching in swim, bike and run

Athlete Performance award enables me to train full time

Have kindly lended us a lovely car for ALL the travelling

Eden Project
Providing me with the BEST Heat Training ever

I'm always excited to talk to new companies and brands! Please feel free to get in touch!